3 Button Radio Remote Control Fob

This modification is only for European/Australian market .:R32's that are supplied from the factory with a two button remote key fob.

US market cars have a different lock set-up (including a manual hatch release button) with a four button remote with "panic" facility.

If you obtain the correct 434 MHz frequency three button key fob (see note below), you can then add the functionality to separately unlock the hatch with the remote without unlocking the rest of the car.

There are zero modifications to the vehicle required. Everything is in place for this to work once you introduce the three button key to the system.

The operations of the other two buttons on the key fob are totally unaffected by the extra functionality of this third button.

Once the new three button key fob is synchronised you get the following extra feature:

When you press and hold the "new" third middle button on the fob for 2 seconds when the car is locked and armed, the hatch will unlock (NOT pop).
The alarm LED stops blinking.
You can then open the hatch manually. The other doors still remain locked.
When you shut the hatch the alarm rearms and the LED in the door starts blinking again.

Warning - when you open the hatch using the middle button, it will automatically lock itself after you shut it again - so be careful never to leave the key fob anywhere inside the hatch!


I simply swapped over the top key blade section from one of my existing two button fobs.

Firmly pull the two halves of the key fob apart and clip the top half with the key blade onto the new three button base. The immobiliser chip that is already coded to your car is also imbedded in this top part of the key fob.

Synchronise the new remote to the car as follows:

Open drivers door and put an existing matched key in the ignition and turn key until the dash lights come on (do NOT start engine).
Open drivers window to be safe!
Close door.
Put new three button key in lock and lock car manually (leave window open!) - leave key in lock.
Press "lock" button briefly.
Wait at least one second.
Then press "unlock" button for at least two seconds. The alarm will chirp (or blinkers flash) once.
Open drivers door with new key.
Turn off ignition and remove old key.

Test new key operation and marvel at your brilliance.

Alternatively, you can do this procedure with VAGCOM (VCDS): Remote Control Matching

Note about Key Fob Radio Frequency

As my car has a 1C0 xxx xxx Comfort Control Module (CCM), I ordered the three button remote with part number 1J0 959 753 DA. (This is the latest version for our car at time of printing).

The remote is noted as having a 433.92 MHz frequency, but it actually has 434 MHz printed on it!

The matching PR option code of 5D1 states that the frequency range is 433.92 - 434.42 MHz , so it seems that the remote will work over this range.

A US market three button key fob will not work on a European specification car as it operates on a frequency of 315 MHz

Later remotes with 1K0 xxx xxx part numbers will not work either.

Parts List

1J0 959 753 DA         Three button remote (square key pad) - carrier frequency 433.92 - 434.42 MHz

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