Handbrake Return Spring

These springs can be added to the .:R32 rear brake caliper to aid in retracting the brake pad fully when the handbrake is released. If you notice a "mooing" noise, especially when reversing after releasing the handbrake, then you may have a slight rubbing of the brake pad on the rear disc. This spring just allows the pad to fully retract by adding some extra tension to the handbrake lever. No more noise.


These spring take literally 10 seconds to install, once you gain access to the rear of the rear caliper.

Firstly release the handbrake inside the car, so there is the least amount of tension on the handbrake lever on the caliper.

Note the orientation of the spring - the coil goes towards the FRONT of the vehicle. The bent arm of the spring goes to the TOP.

Insert the TOP arm of the spring into the slot provided in the handbrake lever.

Simply compress the lower arm of the spring upwards with your fingers and direct the end into the slot on the other lever attached to the brake caliper.

The spring will position itself into the small cutouts in the slot. The right side spring looks like this when correctly mounted:

The left side spring is a mirror image of the above.

Parts List

7H0 615 295 A      Left Spring

7H0 615 296         Right Spring

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