Touareg Oil Cooler

The Touareg 3.2 litre is fitted with a larger stock oil/water heat exchanger. This item is also fitted standard on Mk V Golf .:R32 and Series II Audi TT with 3.2 litre engine. It was also fitted to some higher output PD TDI's. The new 3.6 litre VR6 also has this cooler.


Oil cooler:

Mark V .:R32 coolant hoses:

Fitted photos:

You will note the proximity of the coolant hoses to the airconditioning piping which runs past the end of the cooler. In the Mark IV installation, the coolant hoses need to be twisted down slightly when they are clamped to the cooler, so they clear the swedged fitting on the airconditioning pipe. On the Mark V and TT the aircondioner pipes exit the side of the compressor, whereas the Mark IV pipes exit at the rear, causing this slight clearance issue. The cooler has been mounted now for over two years and mounting the hoses in this manner has not caused any problems whatsoever.

Parts List

1 x 038 117 021 E       Oil Cooler

1 x 022 121 049 G       Coolant hose set off Mark V .:R32. The two hoses come as a set with this number.

2 x N 909 264 01         19x12 spring-type clip for block and crackpipe end of coolant hoses.

2 x N 906 869 02          B23x12 spring-type clip -cooler end of coolant hoses

1 x 038 117 070 A         Seal 59x5 lower gasket between cooler and flange

1 x 038 117 070            Gasket 62.8 for top bolt gasket.

This cooler actually uses the old style gasket seal (not the Mk IV .:R32 version, which is quite different and a larger diameter). The stock securing bolt is reused to mount this cooler, as it is the same thickness as the original cooler fitted.

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