Polo Rear Centre Headrest

You may sometimes notice that the interior autodimming rear-view mirror does not seem to dim properly at night. This is because the (very large) stock .:R32 centre rear headrest blocks the path to the light sensor from any headlights following, causing the mirror not to dim correctly. European market cars did not have the centre headrest. The simple solution, of course, is to remove the centre headrest.This leaves two ugly holes in the top of your seatback. VW supply this cut down version on the Polo 9N model amongst other vehicles in their range. I had it retrimmed with some factory leather to match the rest of the car. Fantastic little mod, as the mirror now dims correctly AND you can actually see out the back window as well!


Photos of installed headrest. Fully adjustable up & down and locks in set position like the original headrest.

Parts List

6Q0 885 914 A         Frame

6Q0 885 931 A         Foam Padding

6Q0 885 719 B41      Lower trim piece (black)

Volkswagen sell various coloured trim covers depending on the model. None actually match the .:R32 leather precisely due to different textures used. I was able to salvage a piece of a front seat base that was replaced under warranty. :)

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