Audi R8 Luggage Compartment Light

The 2010 Audi R8 has a high intensity LED fitted in the front luggage compartment. The light housing is the same size as the woeful stock .:R32 version.

Very pleased with the increased light output - you can even clearly see what's inside the left storage compartment at night!

Stock Luggage Compartment Light:

Audi LED Luggage Compartment Light:

Hard to get a good picture of actual light output with my camera, but pictures show good comparison of the extra lighting. You can even see the junk in the luggage compartment in the second picture which is invisible to the camera in the first picture with stock light.


The light will require a small adapter harness such as this to be made up to convert the plug going into the LED light housing:

You can cut off the existing plug and use a repair wire to convert the pins that way if you wish.

Wiring connections:

Pin 1 of LED to Pin 1 of Luggage Compartment Light Harness (brown/blue wire)

Pin 2 of LED to Pin 2 of Luggage Compartment Light Harness (red/blue wire)

++++WARNING - Please ensure that LED shines white light when connected++++

If you reverse the polarity of the LED connections the light will glow red instead of white. This is not a malfunction of the LED, as the light is also used as a red warning light on the doors of some other Audis.

However, it is NOT designed to have a constant 12V feed when it glows red.

If you run the luggage compartment light 12V feed through it in "red mode" you WILL overheat the LED housing and it WILL melt as it will run extremely HOT.

Parts List

1 x 8J0 947 409 A     High intensity LED light.

1 x 4B0 971 832         Two pin plug for LED light housing.

1 x 000 979 009         Repair wire for LED light housing.

1 x 4B0 971 992         Adapter plug to join with existing Luggage Compartment Light connector.

As an alternative, you may wish to cut off the existing connector and just splice the repair wire ends 000 979 009 to the existing vehicle harness.

1 x 000 979 134         Repair wire for adapter plug (if you choose to use an adapter rather than cut existing harness).

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