Fuel & Brake Line Protection

VW's built with raised "Rough Road Suspension" include extra underbody protection for the brake and fuel lines to prevent rocks etc from damaging components. On the 4motion with "Rough Road Suspension" , there are also two additional pieces of plastic to protect the bottom of the rear suspension trailing arms and also cover the brake lines running around the inside of the trailing arm. These parts are all direct bolt on modifications for the .:R32.


The fuel line cover clips straight onto the existing fuel lines, however, firstly, the front end needs to be inserted into the chassis rail.

Insert the front end inside the hole in the end of chassis rail. There is a piece of foam packing around the fuel lines at this point:

By careful manipulation, you can slide the foam block into the fuel line cover to keep everything sealed correctly as you push it into position. Push it in until the plastic ridge on the bottom of the cover hits the edge of the chassis rail.

Now simply press the fuel cover onto the plastic fuel lines, making sure they line up with the clips on the cover correctly.

The brake line cover comes in two pieces, with one part number for the whole assembly.

Carefully unclip the two brake lines from the four existing rubber mounts. Note the stone chips on the brake lines in photo!

Unscrew the four rubber clamps to remove from the studs in the floorpan. You are left with the bare stud:

Pre-assemble the new rubbers into the new retaining clamps like this:

Push the new rubbers straight onto the stud, noting the correct orientation of the clamps. They will lock onto the stud and should feel secure.

You should now have four clamps mounted onto floorpan ready for the brake line cover to clip onto.

Two front clips in position:

Two rear clips in position:

Install the front brake line cover piece first, aligning the clamps with the centre of the slots, and press home firmly. You will hear the clamps click into place when they lock in position.

Locate the front of the rear piece into the back of the front piece in the slot provided.

Now press the rear brake line cover piece into place, aligning the clamps with the centre of the slots, and press home firmly. You will hear the clamps click into place when they lock in position.

Finished brake line covers in position on floorpan:

These are the additional 4motion only parts for the trailing arms:

These bolt to the bottom of the trailing arm. There are already two tapped holes in the trailing arm to accommodate these bolts.

Parts List

1J0 201 488 C             Fuel line cover for petrol cars

Diesel cars use a different cover with an extra cutout for the fuel cooler lines with Part Number 1J0 201 488 E

1J0 611 824 A             Brake line cover (2 pieces supplied - one part number)

4 x 1J0 611 715 A        Spring clamps

4 x 8K0 611 797 D       Rubber clamps

1J0 611 823                Cover for trailing arm - left (4motion only)

1J0 611 824 B             Cover for trailing arm - right (4motion only)

4 x N 909 370 02         Hex socket head locating bolt M6x8x16

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