Audi S3 Spacesaver Wheel & Tool Kit

The .:R32 was not supplied with a spare wheel (nor even a jack in Australia!). Digging into the VAG parts bin we find that the Audi S3 quattro and Audi TT were supplied with a 3 1/2" x 18" spacesaver rim with a 125/70-18 tyre which will fit into the available wheelwell space. The only proviso is that the rim will not fit over the front brakes of the .:R32. Any flat tyre on the front will entail putting the spacesaver on the back and moving the good rim and tyre to the front to replace the damaged one. The European/Australian .:R32 does not have the hump in the sparewheel well either, so we are able to install the Audi S3 foam tool kit inside the spare wheel as well, conveniently taking all the existing tools supplied with the car. I was also able to keep the tyre repair gunk and air compressor in the left rear storage compartment as well, so I have all scenarios covered. Those owners in the US have a different rear floor pan with a hump in the middle containing some extra emissions related items. US owners can purchase some Audi TT foam triangles to place some of the tools in. However, I believe that not all the tools fit correctly and the foam needs to be modified slightly.


Spacesaver in place with S3 Tool Kit including new alloy "widowmaker" jack:

S3 Tool Kit cover installed and bolted down:

US wheel well with extra hump and welded metal tab. These are the TT foam triangles and an additional toolbag:

Spacesaver wheel installed in US sparewheel well (securing screw not shown in picture):

Parts List

1J0 601 027 M 03C    Spacesaver rim 3 1/2 J x 18H2. Tyre required to be purchased separately.

These are the part numbers for the Audi S3 Toolkit, cover and securing screw. These items will NOT fit in a US-market car due to the extra hump in the wheelwell.

8L3 012 109 F          Audi S3 quattro Foam Tool Box

8L3 012 116             Audi S3 Wheel cover piece

8L0 803 899 D          Audi S3 securing screw for spare wheel. The existing screw that holds the standard breakdown kit will not fit.

These are the part numbers for the Audi TT quattro Foam Triangles:

8N0 012 109 E          Audi TT quattro Foam Triangle (left)

8N0 012 109 N          Audi TT quattro Foam Triangle (right)

These Foam Triangles appear to be a US-market only item.

3B0 012 115             Leatherette Tool Bag

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