Fuel Cap Tether Strap

Broken fuel cap tether strap?

A new fuel cap is required to be purchased from VW as they do not sell the tether strap as a separate part.

However, Porsche have three different versions available as a spare part.

The version that fits the .:R32 has a 62 mm inner diameter. The replacement strap is approximately 50 mm longer as well.


Installation is very simple.

Note that the new tether has a tapered hole for the cap and also for the rivet.

The remains of the old tether can be stretched off the fuel cap. The remains of the securing loop can also be stretched off the retaining rivet on the fuel cap hinge as well.

I decided to cut the new retaining rivet off the new tether and simply stretched the new tether over the fuel cap and over the existing rivet head.

Alternatively, you can also remove the old rivet from the fuel cap hinge and install the new Fuel Cap Tether with it's supplied rivet.

Parts List

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