Alarm LED in Passenger Door

I found it rather annoying that there was no flashing alarm LED in the passenger door, mainly because if you are standing on the footpath and lock the car with the remote, you cannot see the driver's side LED due to the König seats being in the way!

An LED similar to the driver's door installation can be added to the passenger door. A single wire needs to be run from the driver's door to the passenger door to feed the new LED. The new LED can be earthed in the passenger door (see specific details below). This allows both LED's to flash at the same rate and at the same time.

Please note photos are of my Right Hand Drive car. The wiring descriptions are correct for either Left or Right Hand Drive i.e. "driver's door" means driver's door whether Left or Right Hand Drive. The wire colours and connection points described are correct for both as well.


A wire needs to be run from one side of the car to the other, so various items of trim need to be removed to route the wire. At the very least you will need to remove both interior door panels and the two lower A-pillar kick panels. Depending on how you want to run the wire across the car, you may also need to remove trim panels from the lower dash. I have not detailed the specifics of removing the trim, knowledge of which is freely available on the internet.

Driver's Door

Locate wire plug to existing LED. You will be tapping into the POSITIVE feed which is the 0.35mm² green / lilac wire going to Pin 2. (For information purposes only, the Earth wire is a 0.35mm² brown / blue wire). The positive wire in the door harness only runs between Pin 2 of the LED plug and up to Pin 26 of the 29-pin plug (-T29-) going into the electric window module. You may tap into this wire at any point. I chose to unwrap the piece of harness directly in the middle of the door panel as it allows some good length to work with to connect a new wire.

Run your new wire through the rubber bellows to the lower A-pillar area. As I was also installing Folding Mirrors and Škoda Puddle Lights, I required quite a few extra wires into the door for these as well. Therefore, I elected to add an additional plug connection in the lower A-pillar area. If you are just running this one additional wire, there should be a spare vacant position in the existing black plug that you may utilise.

Run wire across dash to the passenger A-pillar and secure in your chosen manner (similar to the driver's side).

Passenger Door

Run POSITIVE feed coming from driver's door through passenger door bellows into Pin 2 of your new LED plug. Position your new two pin plug for the LED in similar position to the driver's side.

I connected the NEGATIVE of the new LED in a similar manner to that of the existing driver's side harness. That is, I did not just directly connect the negative wire to a metal earthpoint in the door. I connected the negative into the existing earth connection in the door harness itself. In the wiring diagram it is called "-268- Earth Connection -2-". This earthpoint is approximately 9cm from the mirror plug connector -T12a- (heading back towards the electric window module). At this point you will find a 0.5mm² brown / blue wire which joins to a 1.0mm² brown / blue wire and a 0.5mm² brown wire. It is wrapped in black duct tape inside the main cloth wrapped harness. CARE - there is also another connection point -Z2- which is very close to this earthpoint inside the harness - do not confuse them! For your information, these wires are grey / lilac.

You may wish to test your installation at this point before permanently re-installing the trims. Both doors need to be closed, of course, for the alarm to arm correctly.

WARNING - this may prove difficult as the doors will not shut properly with the door trims hanging. They may be damaged against the end of the dashboard or the seats! Be very careful!

Final install looks like this. Picture also shows New Beetle Turbo S Alloy Door Pin installed. (Also note high-tech action shot of LED flashing!):

Parts List

3B0 919 238 C         Door pin trim with LED. (Also comes with a two pin plug 1J0 973 119 pre-installed).

1J0 973 332             Two pin electrical plug to match supplied plug on LED

000 979 132             Male repair wire for 1J0 973 332 plug

Additionally, of course, you will require some wire of suitable length. The LED wires are very low current and are only 0.35mm² standard. Also required will be a supply of butt connectors to join the repair wires and tap into the door harnesses. You may wish to use an alternative method to do this, such as soldering (not recommended by VW)

If you wish to include a join in each A-pillar, you will also require:

000 979 132             Male repair wire for ten pin A-pillar plug

000 979 131             Female repair wire for ten pin A-pillar plug

These would be suitable for the existing black plug or the additional blue plug.

If you would like to add the additional blue plug, you will need:

2 x 1J0 937 733 D      Male ten pin plug

2 x 1J0 937 743 D      Female ten pin plug.

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