Bora .:R Fog Lights

PLEASE NOTE: The fabricated brackets described here only fit European specification bumpers with the smaller European rebar (bumper support). These brackets will NOT fit on the larger U.S. market rebar!

Chinese market Bora .:R comes with Fog Lights mounted in lower air intake grills.

On the Bora .:R there is an integral bracket molded into the plastic bumper skin to mount these lights.

As the .:R32 euro bumper does not have these mounting points, I have made up brackets which attach to the front bumper rebar to mount the Fog Lights in the correct position for the Bora .:R grills.

This way they stay in position and remain adjusted correctly if you need to remove the bumper skin.

They are the exact same Fog Lights as used on the VW Lupo and Škoda Fabia RS.

Many people who have fitted these Fog Lights report that the output and beam pattern is quite poor, so if you want efficient lighting in fog, it may be wise to seek an alternative light such as the Hella DE, for example.

My intent is to mainly use mine as "Coming Home" Lights and have therefore also wired them to the Škoda "456" Relay I have fitted.

Fabrication of Brackets

I made up two brackets from some 3mm thick aluminium right angle bracket. Two 3mm spacers on each side are also needed to clear the top curvature of the Fog Light housing.

Euro Bumper Bracket Dimensions

I made the spacers out of angle as well to stop them spinning when they are tightened down.

This is how I formed the spacers from raw material:

The rectangular brackets have to be trimmed to clear various obstructions in the bumper when they are mounted, such as the grill clips (refer to attached measurement sheet for clearancing required). Brackets have two nutserts included for the mounting bolts, which are some spare sump bolts I had lying around.

Here are both sides ready to mount:

This picture will assist in positioning the brackets. This is the left side where the horns are mounted:

Note: The bracket dimensions I have quoted above only fit on a Euro rebar. The US market rebar is completely different as you can see:

The yellow dots are the approximate location of where I drilled the holes for the brackets.

On the Euro bar that section of the flange is completely flat where the bracket bolts up against it (see other photos above for closer details)

The end just starts to curve back in the last 50 mm or so of the very end.

Before installing Fog Lights and refitting the bumper, the original Outside Air Temperature mount needs to be ground away for clearance of the Fog Light housing.

Also the horn brackets need some modification to clear the Fog Light as well, either by judicious bending or replacement.

The lower horn bracket can remain, but may require very slight bending.

I replaced the upper horn bracket with a different version off a TDI. This moved the top horn well out of the way of the bracketry (this is actually the lower bracket off the TDI, but placed in the top position on the .:R32)

You may also need to rotate the horns on the brackets slightly to reposition the trumpets to clear the Fog Lights. This is the final position that worked the best and cleared everything:

Mounted in car - left side:

Right side:

Test fit with bumper back on:

As you need to cut away the original mounting point on the plastic bumper, I further modified one of the spacers to add a proper mount for the Outside Air Temperature Sensor, using a bolt-on metal bracket off a Škoda Fabia

Modified and painted brackets:

Close-up of sensor mounted:

Mounted behind grill with direct air flow available to sensor:

There is quite a bit of play in the bolt holes securing the rebar to the chassis rails etc. The rebar itself can be moved around slightly to tweek the alignment of the Fog Lights in the air intake grills.

One light initially sat 3mm higher in the grill with identical mirror imaged brackets, so I just loosened the rebar off and moved its position slightly. Now everything sits perfectly square.

Once the rebar is in the correct position, spray a light coat of paint over the bolts to mark their positions in case the rebar needs removing later for servicing etc. This will assist in repositioning the rebar again so the Fog Lights line up correctly when you refit the bumper.

Fog Lights and intake grills fully mounted:

Go here for factory Fog Light wiring schematic (Fog Lights will go OFF when High Beam selected). European R32's with Xenons fitted will also need a new Headlight Switch with the extra Front Fog Light Switch - perhaps time to upgrade to a 6R Polo Headlight Switch?

Parts List

1 x 1J5 854 661 A B41     Bora .:R grill - left

1 x 1J5 854 662 D B41     Bora .:R grill - right

1 x 6H0 941 699 A            Fog Light - left

1 x 6H0 941 700 A            Fog Light - right

4 x N 106 663 02              Mounting screw

4 x N 011 664 4                Washer

2 x 1J0 973 722                2-pin plug

4 x 3B0 972 741 A            Waterproof seal for plug wires (yellow 6.3 x 7.8 1.0mm² - 2.5mm²)

2 x 000 979 225 E              2.5mm² Repair wire

Also to secure new Fog Light brackets to rebar I used:

4 x N 101 244 08               Sump bolt - hexagon socket head bolt (combi) M6 x 20 (or nut & bolt of your choice)

Optional parts

1 x 1J0 951 227 C             Horn bracket from TDI - to move position of upper horn

1 x 6Y0 919 491 B             Škoda Fabia Outside Air Temperature sensor mount (plus a nut and bolt)

1 x 1J0 805 551 E              Euro Rebar

1 x 1J0 805 567                 Support for Lock Carrier for Euro Rebar

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