LED Number Plate Lights

LED Number Plate Lights are now fitted to certain European versions of the Mark VI Golf and Scirocco (amongst others), which are a direct replacement for the standard .:R32 versions.

When they are on, they also produce a useful "Puddle Light" effect on the ground behind the bumper (similar to my Škoda Puddle Lights).

These LED Number Plate Lights DO NOT fit the Mark IV Bora / Jetta or Variant models due to their different light design.


Ensure Headlight Switch is OFF before removing Number Plate Lights.

Remove two screws in existing lights and remove lens assembly. The bulb will also come out with this piece.

You need to then press the retaining clip on the side of the base inwards to unclip one end of the housing, then old light base can be fully removed.

Unplug wire connector from old housing.

You now need to swap the two wires around in this connector to obtain the correct polarity feed for the new LED housings. They will not work otherwise.

Plug connector into new LED housing. You may wish to test the new LED to ensure it is working properly before final mounting by briefly turning ON Headlight Switch.

Clip new LED housing into correct mounting position.

Standard Number Plate Lights:

Comparison between LED and standard Number Plate Lights:

LED Number Plate Lights installed:

Parts List

2 x 1K8 943 021 C         LED Number Plate Light

Please note that the 1K8 943 021 B LED Number Plate Light housings used in above photographs have now been superseded to this new number. They are physically identical.

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