OEM+ Switches

There are a range of additional OEM+ switches available from VW/Audi that are utilised in various taxis, emergency vehicles and armoured Audis available in the German market. The picture above shows some of these switches mounted in the centre console of a Passat 3C taxi.

These include, amongst others, an "FS" Switch (originally used for Handsfree Device = Freisprecheinrichtung), an Interior Light Switch, a "TAXI" Switch, an "ALARM" Switch (available with either a black face or a red face) and a "Fan" Switch. Specific details of these particular switches are noted below.

The switches are identical in size & design to the Interior Monitoring Disable Switch, located on B-pillar trim on a Golf IV.

If you have a European specification car with the Fuel Flap Release Button near the handbrake, please note that these buttons are identical in size, however the texture and style of the press button part is slightly different (smooth, satin finish and flatter than the Fuel Flap Release Button).

The overall size of the switch body is 27mm x 27mm (1 & 1/16") with a depth of 40mm (1 & 9/16") behind the face. There would need to be some extra depth allowed for the plug wiring as well.

The switches have perfectly matching red illumination and will dim with the dashboard lights at night if you connect the appropriate pins from the switch to the vehicle dimmer circuit.

There is also a yellow "telltale" LED in the face of the switch which can be utilised to indicate that the accessory they control is ON. This has an independent circuit within the switch and is wired separately.

All these switches operate as a "momentary action" button only. If you require them to switch something on permanently, then you will require an additional "latching relay" or an appropriate circuit.

As you can see, they are a perfect size to fit on the vertical surface in the centre console in front of and above the sliding ashtray cover, or fitted in the console surrounding the handbrake, in a similar fashion to the Euro fuel flap release button.

There is enough room to neatly mount three switches in this location. Some small clearancing of the bottom of the Radio Cage is also required for each switch. You will note that the square pegs on the rear face of the centre console mount through the square holes at the bottom of the Radio Cage piece:

Note: The extra switch in the above picture is my Daytime Running Light System ON/OFF Switch, which is normally hidden under the lower trim panel below the Climatronic. It is originally used in the Škoda Fabia II and Roomster for the same purpose.

This is what the switches look like with centre console installed in .:R32:

This is what the switches look like at night (note also Interior Light Switch is ON with yellow telltale lit):

For those of you with the US style Centre Console with the large cupholders, these switches will mount perfectly in front of the front cupholder on the flat horizontal panel (photo used with kind permission of Kalini):

Please note there is also a switch mount number 1J0 862 292 2QL (black version) available from VW to replace the slotted coin holder at the rear of the console (highlighted in above picture).

This is the "ALARM" Switch with red face:

This is the "Fan" Switch:

Wiring Connections

NOTE: Wiring connections for switches with part numbers 1T0 927 235; 1T0 927 124 9B9; 1T0 919 241 and 1T0 927 227 only.

Pins 1 & 2 are the contacts for the on/off momentary contact

Pin 1 = 12V Supply to Switch.

Pin 2 = Switched Output - only active whilst switch is depressed.

Pins 3 & 4 are the contacts for the red illumination LED in switch

Pin 3 = Dimmer positive

Pin 4 = Dimmer negative

Pins 5 & 6 are the contacts for the yellow "telltale" LED in switch

Pin 5 = "Telltale" positive feed.

Pin 6 = "Telltale" earth

If you are interested in wiring connections for other switches not listed above, please contact me via email link at top of page.

Parts List

1T0 927 235                Interior Light Switch.

1T0 927 124 9B9         "FS" Switch (originally used for Handsfree Device = Freisprecheinrichtung).

1T0 919 241                "ALARM" Switch (black face).

1T0 927 227                "TAXI" Switch (originally used to turn on the exterior roof light on Taxi).

4B0 962 109 A 01C     Interior Monitor Disable Switch. See here for modification to enable the LED telltale.

4D4 962 109 B98         "ALARM" Switch (red face).

4D4 962 109 C B98      "Fan" Switch.

These items will assist in the installation of these switches:

1 x 4D0 971 636         6-pin Plug (for all switches except 4B0 962 109 A 01C, 4D4 962 109 B98 and 4D4 962 109 C B98)

3 x 000 979 009         Repair wire (for 4D0 971 636 Plug only)

1 x 1J0 972 722         4-pin Plug (only for switches 4B0 962 109 A 01C, 4D4 962 109 B98 and 4D4 962 109 C B98 )

2 x 000 979 133         Repair wire (for 1J0 972 722 Plug only)

1 x 1C0 941 597        OEM "latching relay". Control Number "434" is stamped on the housing.

You can, of course, utilise any suitable generic "latching relay", however the genuine VW "434" version has the useful feature of resetting automatically when the ignition is off. The specific technical information for this relay is fully described on the OEM Relay Technical Information page.

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